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Click on a thumbnail to view the full image. The images were created traditionally and some tradigitally. Please note there may be some artistic nudity.

Concept Art | Environments | Props | Screen Icons | Textures

Concept Art • Character Development • Costume Design

concept car 1   The Blackbelt - Kingdom Lost character design
Hell's Keeper Pirate-Nobody is getting my Gold! Staff Pick hand Godric and the Dragon Captain Isidore bboying Silencer  


Volcano Field mountain fungus cave burning castle Prison Surveillance Room Sketch Prison Surveillance Room
ice mountains water card background settled shaman cave winter battle scene castle courtyard alien landscape  

Props • Items • Objects

Blood Axe Monitor Open Book File Folder

GUI • HUD • Screen Icons

Prison Surveillance Room - Final Summon Archer Summon Knight    


header background tiles psr checkered floor crate wet stone handmade paper papyrus
asphalt1 brickwall2 concrete pad1 grass1        

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Games are great! I have a passion for gaming, movies, comics. Some of the games I have played or still play are:

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