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Click on a thumbnail to view the full image. The images were created traditionally and some tradigitally. Please note there is some artistic nudity.

Finished Work: Fantasy • SciFi • Horror

Klarity Catalogue Cover Deadline Death Warmed Over G-Fish Graveyard Great Turning I King of the Hill Prison Surveillance Room - Final
No Green Card Nude Wing Silencer Space Dumbell Witch and Crow Devils Mermaid Pirate-Nobody is getting my Gold!
Babe Medley Godric and the Dragon Demon Brazier-drawing by Paul Laine Window Pain        

Children • Portrait • Wildlife • Landscape

When the Cows Come Home Fart Guy Flying Without Wings Hands On Mouse in Tea Cup Mail Little Brother EZ Big Book Man  
German Short Hair Horses Samoyd Portrait Wolf in Snow Moose in Snow Grizzly    

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